Thursday, April 22, 2010

Invitation to The Huntsville Project

TODAY, Earth Day 2010 -- the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, we are launching a campaign called The Huntsville Project to inform the global public about Biochar, one of the most promising developments in our fight against climate change.

This Earth Day we can look back on a year in which James Cameron’s Avatar, a film about environmental crisis and restoration, swept box offices around the globe.

What if there were a real-life answer to help solve the real world problems of climate change, peak oil, and global food security?

Would you want the leaders of the G8 and the G20 to know about it and endorse it?

At our new website,, you can find out about biochar and sign our petition:

We are asking global leaders to support this important new clean technology.

On June 25, 2010 the G8 will meet in Huntsville Ontario. On June 26 and 27 the G20 will then meet in Toronto.

Our goal is to publicize and gain support for Biochar and Biochar offsets. We want to help implement and scale up the global Biochar industry by creating public awareness and new markets for Biochar.

We are asking G8 and G20 delegations to make a commitment to recognizing Biochar carbon sequestration and offsetting with Biochar.

Our website features a public petition that we hope you will sign.

I would like to encourage you to sign our "Huntsville Petition":

... and help put Biochar on the global agenda.

The following description of Biochar from the newcarboneconomy website is a good place to start.

It is being cited around the web as an authoritative non-technical definition of Biochar:

If you have skills or content to contribute, we would love to hear from you!

If have contacts and ideas for the Huntsville Project, and want to help with the effort for Huntsville, you are most welcome to contact me.

Please check out our website, sign the Huntsville Petition, and circulate this link to your friends and members of your social networks:

Help us out, let people know about our website, and have a beautiful 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.

Happy Earth Day!


To join our Huntsville Project team, go to: